Jesse the Mountain Man.  Pembroke, Virginia.

Two Dancers listen to their instructor after a hard workout.  Roanoke, Virginia  Aug 1986

A street photographer. Juarez Mexico.  May 1979

Kat in a park.  Photographed with an RB67.

A student at Hollins College, Roanoke, Virginia at the French House where students practice their French.

A couple,  in their best western UFO attire, at the 1997 Roswell, NM  50th anniversary of the UFO incident.

Brittany models in vintage clothes.  Canon 1v

Portrait of Mary Evans.  Roanoke College.

Miguel Ochoa.  El Paso Tejas

Window light portrait.

Bonnie, a server at a Hampton, Virginia Waffle House.

Mexican Cutie

El Paso, Texas  August 2022

Mexican Cutie

El Paso, Texas

Stearman Pilot at the Santa Teresa airport, Santa Teresa, NM

Jenna and Kiley

Portait of  Autumn, Williamsburg, Virginia.

Girl after getting caught in the rain.  Houston, Texas

Artist and teacher Dean Carter in his studio.  Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia.  (1922-2013)

Karina and her baby.  Norfolk, Virginia.

Young Dancers, Roanoke, Virginia

Bill Brickhouse at the hobby shop

Girl in red poncho, Newport News, Virginia

A World War 1 re-enactor takes time off for a quick lunch..  Jamestown, Virginia

John Cage, one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. (1912-1992).  

Peaks of Otter,, Near Bedford Virginia

Girl with windblown hair.  Hollins College, Roanoke, Virginia.

Girl with Swatch.  Roanoke College, Salem Virginia

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